Megasession is when we perform surgeries above 2,000 grafts. It is indicated for individuals who have extensive baldness, frontal retraction (high forehead) or who desire higher density for a smaller bald area. It is also an important option for those who have already undergone one or more surgeries with the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique and do not want or can not have more linear scars in the donor region.

Bald persons can shave the entire head and, for those who have only a few bald areas, the hairs on the upper part can be kept uncut, leaving only the lateral and posterior areas of the head scraped.

The Follicular Units are collected on the sides and posterior area (above the nape of the head) of the head. The surgery is performed with local anesthesia and sedation and in private hospital surgical environment. Your surgical time is approximately 8 to 12 hours.

In Europe the professionals usually perform this surgery in two days in a row, to avoid long surgical time and high labor costs, performing half a head a day.


Was partial

Partial Ef is the same FUE technique, but an option for the patient who does not want to show any signs of surgery in the donor area. Then, with the hair a little long, it is possible to conceal the shaven area of ​​4 cm necessary for this procedure. In an area 4 cm wide that goes from one ear to another, passing above the nape, we can harvest approximately a thousand grafts.

With this quantity it is possible to perform: the filling of “entrances”, a frontal border, a crown with 5 to 7 cm in diameter or some localized bald area. If the bald area is more extensive, a megasession is indicated. If the patient does not wish to shave the whole head to make a megasession, he may choose to do a series of 2 to 4 partial FUE surgeries to fill the entire bald area.


Above 3 thousand grafts. Required donor area sufficient for achievement. Both techniques are employed in the same transplant session. First we removed the scalp segment from the donor region and after suturing the edges of the skin we scraped another 2 cm up the suture and 2 cm down the suture (see photo) to harvest the FUE follicular units without any damage to the area Placing the maximum of grafts in just one session is the desire of every patient with extensive baldness. Several technical alternatives have been used without success for this purpose because they are not practical or efficient. But now we have a good solution that is the association of two techniques consecrated by their results: FUT and FUE.

Numerically speaking, we can achieve in a single session of a patient with normal donor area, about 3000 Follicular Units or more. This can realistically amount to 6,000 to 10,000 threads depending on the individual’s donor area. And even performing a double procedure is possible to hold new sessions, considering a good donor area. Because despite the greater number of grafts, there is a possibility of another surgery to complete the work. This additional surgery can be either FUE or FUT. The choice depends on a set of factors more favorable to one technique than the other, the experienced professional is able to decide for the best option.