New technique for hair transplantation eliminates any scar on scalp

A new technique called FUE (Follicular Extraction Unit), allows performing hair transplantation without scars on the scalp. The news is a great option for those who want to leave that hair transplant without linear scar on the sides and back of the head. The technique began in 2002 in the US, with the proposal to remove the follicular units as a unit, and the principal, without leaving scars in the donor area.

Numerous difficulties and limitations presented in the beginning, preventing the technique a reality quickly and were used by most hair surgeons. Years of research and technical modifications allowed achieve the desired goal efficiently.

According to Dr. João Carlos Pereira, capillary surgeon JC Pereira Hair Transplant, which began to perform the technique from the 18th Congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) held in Boston – USA, in October 2010: “The FUE is currently a hit in Europe and the USA. As a pioneer of this technique in Brazil, I believe that this new method will become the first choice in hair transplantation, particularly for those who do not wish any kind of scar on the scalp and the recovery is comfortable and faster, “added the expert.

The Follicular technique is still the most widely used in Brazil, but the future will move to the second option, because of the scar it leaves on the scalp. The difference between the two procedures is that in FUE follicular units are removed from the donor area unitarily, without scarring, while the follicular technique is removed a scalp segment 1cm wide by 20cm long, the posterior areas and side the head, which is a linear scar on site. Although today the scar is barely visible between the hair, but in the case of individuals who shave their heads machine with 4 or less, it can be noticed. “It FUE, nothing is perceived even with a shaved head. In EUF, grafts, the same procedure is lower than in the follicular technique. But it is possible to perform more operations, even the next day, to achieve the same amount of grafting, because no compromise of scars in the donor area. Although the FUE offer a smaller amount of seedlings to be transplanted, the surgical time is also around 6 hours because the procedure is more detailed. As for the implementation of the “seedlings”, the method is the same for both techniques, what differs is the strategy regarding the distribution of hair in the bald area, “says the surgeon.

Before the long operating time of the two techniques, both procedures are performed under sedation, local anesthesia and operating room for comfort and safety. Postoperative also follows the same care in both techniques, but the FUE is rather more comfortable and have less recovery time of the transplanted area. The same goes for hair growth that occurs after the third month. Briefly, the FUE technique is already the first choice in Europe and the United States, and soon, is expected to gain this position in Brazil.

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