Surgical treatment

In most cases it is indicated for androgenetic alopecias (baldness) and also for localized losses of hair due to trauma, accidents and complications of aesthetic surgeries that have reached the scalp.

Clinical Treatment

There are countless causes of hair loss. Each of them must be treated according to its origin, often provoked by infectious processes or external aggressions (comb, brush, tinctures, chemistry). Firstly, it is necessary to treat the cause and then deal with the recovery of the hair. It is important to know that as long as the problem is not eliminated, the fall will be interrupted. The patient may even go through periods of improvement but the problem continues. That is why consulting with a trichologist dermatologist is important for diagnosis and treatment of the cause of hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia (baldness) is a case in point because it is linked to genetic inheritance and male hormones, both in men and women. The clinical treatment is preventive and the surgical one is for the recovery of the hair.

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