In 2015, JC Pereira Robotic Hair Transplant was certified as a Center of Excellence in Robotic Capillary Surgery, awarded by Restoration Robotics Inc., American company of Robot, represented by Lina Leon (international director) and Gustavo Brescia (director and engineer responsible for Latin America).

We are the 7th certified clinic among the 150 robots spread around the world and the Rfirst in Latin America.

The accreditation occurred after a period of 30 days of analysis of the surgical procedures with the Robot. The Robot arrived in Brazil and our clinic in November 2014. Only in 2015 we performed more than 150 surgeries.

The F.U.E. Robotic is a technique that does not present postoperative pain, allowing the patient to return to their usual activities the day after surgery. In addition, it leaves no scars on the scalp, allowing the individual to use the hair in any cut or style throughout life.