Como funciona a F.U.E. Robotic?

The F.U.E. Robotic is a minimally invasive surgery for hair restoration, which uses digital imaging and robotic precision to harvest grafts in the performance of hair transplantation.

What is the differential of F.U.E. Robotic in the performance of hair transplantation?

In relation to the traditional FUT technique, in which there is a cut (which leaves a linear scar in the path of the incision) and points to be withdrawn from the donor region (posterior and lateral of the head), this does not occur with F.U.E. Robotic, because follicular units are collected one by one accurately and rapidly, without causing damage to the follicles, which will then be transplanted into the recipient area.

Is the hair shaved before performing the procedure?

Yes. Hairs on the donor area (lateral and posterior scalp) are scraped for ARTAS to visualize and perform a digital mapping of follicular groups and program their individual removal accurately.

How will my hair look after the transplant with F.U.E. Robotic?

Hair Transplant with F.U.E. Robotic results in natural hair, regardless of the individual characteristics of each person’s hair. After three months of the surgery with the robot, the hair begins to be born and, after 8 months of the procedure, you begin to see results and to gain confidence, being able to use the hair in any length or style.

The results with the F.U.E. Robotic are permanent?

Yes. The collection of the hair follicles performed with the F.U.E. Robotic is made from areas that have no inheritance. Therefore, this hair transplanted in the bald areas without the genetics of baldness will last a lifetime.

How long does it take for the scalp to recover after surgery?

The recovery time with F.U.E. Robotic is smaller than with the traditional method (FUT). Since there is no surgical incision or stitches to be removed when performing the transplant with the robot, the healing time is short, you can return to your routine activities 48 hours after surgery if you need to. But the ideal is after 5 days.

When can I go back to my physical activities?

Individual activities (gym and sports) the return is in 7 days, while collective sports and fights, only after 3 weeks.

When does my new hair start to grow?

New hair starts to be born after 90 days of surgery and at one year it is possible to have the final result.

Right after the transplant, how does my scalp look?

The day after the surgery, her hair is washed and what will stay in place are small crusts the size of a pin of a brownish color that are easily camouflaged with the hair itself or with the use of a cap.

Capillary transplantation with F.U.E. Is Robotic Sore?

Transplantation performed with F.U.E. Robotic is done under local anesthesia and sedation. The patient does not feel pain. After surgery, there may be some swelling on the face, which disappears within a few days, and painful discomfort is rare, but when it does occur it can be controlled with the use of basic analgesics.

Transplantation with F.U.E. Does Robotic leave scars on the scalp?

No! With the robotic system, the hair is collected unitarily in a minimally invasive manner, without leaving visible scars in the donor area.

How long does it take to transplant hair with F.U.E. Robotic?

The time of the hair transplant with the robot will depend on the amount of hair desired, which can vary from 6 to 10 hours.