Should it be washed with hot or cold water? Does washing the head with hot water lead to baldness?

The ideal temperature is the temperate, the same as the body. Hot water should be avoided in the oily wires as it stimulates the production of sebum, and also in the dried ones, because they dehydrate them further. The cold sometimes dries the scalp and in oily hair it is more difficult to remove the excess oiliness.
Hot water does not cause baldness. This problem is caused by genetic and hormonal factors.

Does the habit of putting your hand in the same place cause flaws?

Yes. Traction pulls out the wires. Whoever splits the hair always in the same place also presents the problem.

Does hair change in pregnancy?

Yes. In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, there is an increase in hair growth, while from the last quarter, this percentage begins to decrease. After childbirth, the number of falling hair increases, which can last up to one year, when not treated.

What is the best age for baldness prevention?

As soon as the hair starts to fall! At this stage the clinical treatments are done to slow down the fall, and when the baldness is already pronounced, it is time to think about the first transplant.