Does diet affect hair health?

Food poor in vitamins, minerals and proteins leads to hair thinning and weakening. These nutrients should be replenished.

Do emotional factors interfere?

Stress and depression “consume” important nutrients for the hair besides altering the normality of some hormones and that also act negatively on the root of the hair.

Conditioner causes drop?

No. But you should use the product suiting your hair type. It is important to rinse thoroughly. There are those who are live-on who do not need to rinse.

Washing every day causes fall?

No. Scalp hygiene should be maintained to prevent skin problems. If necessary to provide cleaning, wash your hair daily.

Does the habit of putting your hand in the same place cause flaws?

Yes. Traction pulls out the wires. Whoever splits the hair always in the same place also presents the problem.

Are there times of year when hair falls more?

No. What happens is that in certain periods the hair falls more because it has a life cycle in three phases: that of growth, which lasts about four years, another of rest, in which the hair stops growing for approximately four months And the last one, in which the hair falls to be replaced by a new hair, phase in which it lasts about three months. So the fall phase can happen at any time of the year.

What are the symptoms of an abnormal drop in wires?

For women a fall of up to 120 hairs of hair a day can be considered normal. While in men, this number is 80 to 100 threads. Usually the person realizes that he has some type of hair loss because he begins to see many wires in the pillow, in the clothes, in the sink and in the bathroom box or brush.