The JCPereira, Clinic and Day Hospital, specializes in Hair Restoration Surgeries.
Founded and directed by dermatological surgeon Dr. João Carlos Pereira, specialist in capillary surgeries, Day Hospital aims to offer patient identity privacy, procedural safety, comfort in the hotel business and personalized attention throughout the entire period of the procedure. transplant. All this allied to the technology and the equipment in the execution of the procedure, besides own equipment, specialized and exclusive for this type of surgery. Located in S. J. del Río Negro, between three
Shopping Centers (Iguatemi, Rio Grande Shopping and Plaza Avenida), favors the shopping and leisure of the companion during his stay in the clinic / hospital.
, Which is considered by national scientific media and Exame magazine as one of the largest and most advanced medical centers in the country, in addition to being considered the second Brazilian city with better quality of life, according to the HDI.
For all this, personalities from the political, artistic, religious, business and sports world do not hesitate to move from their city to restore the hair in JCPereira.