Current techniques – Robotic System

The most current technique for hair transplant using robot to automate the process without cicratrizes and speedy recovery.

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Video simulation of surgery

Watch Now a video simulating the hair transplant using the current technique FUE (follicular unit extraction) through the ARTAS Robot.

Who is João Carlos Pereira

It has to ‘feeling’ to discover the paths to follow and more: courage to continue until the time and the facts prove the success. The constant and relentless challenge of this avant-garde doctor is this: be a pioneer. Always be one step ahead in its area of operation, surgery of baldness or, more specifically, the hair transplant and bet on innovations and trends scientifically based … read more ›

Meet the Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

The Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is the first hospital in Brazil designed to perform aesthetic surgeries and focused on the sophisticated structure of the current capillary surgery. Founded and directed by dermatologic surgeon Dr. João Carlos Pereira, an expert in hair surgery and hair transplant ….? Continue reading ›