Preoperative Care

Before marking the surgery, pre-surgical laboratory tests are requested and, if normal, the procedure can be scheduled.

Before surgery the patient should avoid cutting very short hair, especially in the posterior area (donor area), drinking alcohol or using drugs 5 days before surgery.

The patient should notify the doctor or staff about the use of their own medication a few days before the surgery. Preoperative medications should be started as recommended by a physician. Possible medications, such as: AAS, anti-inflammatories, antiallergics, vitamin should be avoided a few days before surgery.

It is recommended that the patient quit smoking one week before the procedure. Recovery and healing will be much better.

Half an hour before surgery, photographs will be taken for further evaluation and comparison.

After the photos the patient will have a mirror in hand, accompanying Dr. João Carlos to make, in common agreement, the marking of the frontal line.

If needed, a sedative medication will be provided to relieve the natural tension prior to surgery.

Post Operative Care

Post-operative care is extremely important to avoid complications during recovery from the newly performed surgery. The basic recommendations are as follows:

  • Medications should be taken according to prescription, at the times and during the time indicated. Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and possibly analgesics.
  • The next day, the bandage is removed and the hair is thoroughly washed by a trained nurse.
  • A cap or hat may be placed to conceal the small crusts from the grafts placed. From that moment the patient is released to go home, travel, work (depends on the type of professional activity). Light activities like reading, writing, walking and driving are already allowed.
  • The patient should sleep with his head elevated for the first three nights.
  • Sun, beach, swimming, swimming, diving, skiing, gym and physical exercises are released after 5 days and team sports only after three weeks.
  • The stitches of the suture in the donor region are removed with about 15 days.
  • The crusts (shells) begin to detach after 10 days, spontaneously. The patient should not force their early removal. It is common for the crusts to fall with transplanted hair glued together. It’s normal! Or fall a few days later.
  • After three months the hair starts to grow and grow one centimeter a month. With eight months it is possible to enjoy the result of the transplant.