Do women also do transplants?

Yes! Increasingly. Approximately 25% of women present some degree of baldness, while in men this index is around 80%. In women the hair reaches a certain stage of rarefaction and stops, but enough to disturb a lot. Usually baldness in women is diagnosed late because they imagine it is a common hair loss. They go through numerous unsuccessful treatments, most often through cosmetics with hairdressers and even dermatological ones. We currently carry out one woman transplant for every 20 men. That was 50 in the past.

Long-wire transplantation

If you are in a hurry to have hair, for a compromise, for example, the solution is the long yarn transplant that offers quick but temporary results: “After 30 days the transplanted long hair falls and is born again in three months, then there definitively .

The surgical procedure is the same. The difference is that in long wire transplantation the surgical time is longer and the cost is higher.
The great advantage is that the patient presents, immediately, filling the sparse or bald areas.