Try to maintain a healthy life and adopt a diet rich in amino acids and proteins; Copper, iron, zinc, linseed oil and B complex; Besides the practice of physical exercises. These factors contribute to good hair nutrition and irrigation of the scalp.

Maintain hygiene
Wash your head often, using appropriate shampoos with delicate, neutral salt pH formulas to remove excess dirt and sebum without changing the pH of the scalp.

Try to use specific products for your hair type.

Periodically consult a dermatologist trichologist to do an evaluation of the wires and the scalp.

Take tests regularly to check your hormone levels. Some thyroid diseases can cause hair loss.

If you want to dye, straighten or curl your hair, look for a good hairdresser and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations exactly.

Make sure the medicine you are using (such as birth control pills) influences the health of your hair.

Physical Causes
Be very careful when combing or securing your hair. Excessive traction can cause fall.