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  • + 12,000 surgeries performed
  • 27 years experience in hair transplantation
  • + 150 surgeries performed with Robot
  • It is among the 10 clinics that performed most robotic hair transplantation in the world.

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Photo: JCPereira Clínica and Day Hospital

  • Sao Paulo
  • Brasilia
  • S.J. do Rio Preto

Dr João Carlos Pereira

It takes “feeling” to discover the following paths and more: courage to continue until the time and the facts proves the correctness. The constant and untiring challenge of this constantly updated doctor is to always be at the forefront in his area of ​​operation, baldness surgery or, more specifically, hair transplantation and bet on innovations and trends based on science. This was how it began in 1981, when the specialty was still practiced primitively in Brazil, but began its evolution after more than three decades in total inertia. Dr. João Carlos Pereira closely followed the first scientific events and the beginning of the new era of transplants with specialists in the USA. It began to be decreed the death of tufts (doll hair) with micrografts. The results improved. Over the years, he was increasingly convinced of a natural-looking future for hair transplants. Techniques appeared and, in the early 1990s, began to use the laser, soon after being replaced by the follicular technique, which Remains to this day in an improved way. The hair and root structure is separated and planted according to its original structure. Later, stereoscopic microscopes arrived to give quality grafts (seedlings), which do not damage the seedlings and prevent the hair from being born. With the experience gained over these years, this professional performs technical variations in particular situations of baldness and donor area and also in surgical difficulties.


Despite having extensive baldness, and at first sight disbelieving his clients, he never let this interfere with his self-esteem, his profession, and the purpose of bringing ever better solutions to a problem that affects not only the vast majority of men, but also A significant percentage of women. But his patients are not worried about his baldness, but with his and the best solution to revert it, safely. “Unfortunately I am one of those rare cases of insufficient donor area and unable to transplant,” he says. But he is not the only one in his professional environment. In New York, USA, the most famous specialist there, is in the same situation. Their baldness did not prevent them from having their work recognized and their names consecrated in this activity.


Currently, Dr. João Carlos Pereira continues to participate actively in the scientific community of the area with numerous lectures, international and national courses that give him international credibility and, mainly, the trust of more than eight thousand patients operated. The high satisfaction rate is evidenced by the return of most of them to subsequent sessions and the indication of their name to friends and suitors to perform a hair transplant. To complement the technical part, it uses its own hospital, developed specifically for this type of surgery and also to provide maximum privacy, comfort and safety to its patients.